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Sun, 26 Mar 2006

All Trademarks belong to their respective owners.

Not surprising, a good number of the words on these pages are catalogued in the list of Trademarks registered by Sun Microsystems.

Nevertheless, the pages at are not maintained by, or affiliated with Sun. We’re as independant as a group of users and admins with a deep rooting history of SunOS and Solaris use can be. Thus: we’re biased, we’re prejudiced, we’re partial, but the opinions we’re expressing are our own alone.

Centered around the Operating System Sun has licensed into the Community, OpenSolaris, this site is supposed to be a place to share ideas, personal experience, updates and additional material for the book and as a virtual home for a local OpenSolaris user group in Berlin.

Occasionally the odd computer component, program, OS, … may be mentioned which has not been made by Sun (what a strange and foreign world…). Names for these may well be in the property of another company, but they’ll be somewhat of a minority since the focus of these pages lies at OpenSolaris.

For an exhaustive list of Sun Trademarks, please see the corresponding List of Sun Trademarks at

Among many that are well known and obvious, quite a few terms that have sunk into collective common use may be found there, bearing witness of some of the chapters of the history in network computing that have been written at Sun.

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