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Fri, 31 Mar 2006


The default configuration of the Markdown plugin interprets semicapitalized spelling as “WikiWords”, and tries to link to Wiki pages that didn’t exist. This broke Links to and others. Struggling to disable.


The first “fix” was to “cheat” and redirect those Wikilinks to Wikipedia. The article on OpenSolaris there is well worth reading, and certainly a better user experience than a “page not found” error.

I don’t understand the Meta-Markdown script too well yet. There’s a set of variables that seems to be supposed to control if semicapitalized words get parsed as wiki links. All my tweaking has been to no avail though:

# For use with WikiWords and [[Wiki Links]]
$g_use_wiki_links = 0;
$g_base_url = "";          # base url for WikiLinks
my $g_temp_no_wikiwords = 1;

This did work for some articles, but not for others. - may be yet another problem with static page generation?

Somewhere else in the file it reads:

    # Can now process Wiki Links again 
        $g_temp_no_wikiwords = 0;

Setting this to 1 stopped those WikiLinks from popping up, but that really didn’t look like what the programmer intended. Digging a bit deeper, I found out that the variable “Use WikiLinks: true” in the header of one article activated the whole thing for all subsequent articles, even if they explicitely disabled that setting in their own header.

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